I want to thank you all for being so patient while book 2, Accepting Power, is being worked on. It’s taking much longer than I’d anticipated, but I’ll get the timing down better by book three, I hope. I just want to let you all know that I finally got my book back from my editor and am diligently working on it. Here is a small portion of the beginning, a dream Jacob is having while in his deep sleep (unedited):

Jacob prayed for someone to stop him. Colors of burning magic streamed through his fingertips, engulfing all Keboa. Jayma, his adoptive parents Miyrna and Charle, Elden, and Adeline all ran from him screaming as he destroyed the village. He struggled for control, but it was as if the magic itself had its own will.

With a powerful gust of wind from her massive wings the mother dragen landed on the ruins. She laughed, exposing gleaming teeth. “Let this magic spread. My children will fly over the world and conquer it. You cannot stop it. You will wither and die hiding in that stone den.”