Review for Demon’s Quest: The Beginning of the End by Charles Carfagno Jr. –

5 out of 5 stars for this one!

Pros: If you love action then this is the e-book for you! It’s a collection of three beginnings. First, a group of men, or rather an army, led by Gilex looking for the Circle of Demise for treasure. Next an actual army whose General is captured by an evil sorcerer and turned into a skeletal puppet. Last, martial artists of the Order training and escaping from death from the monster gang of a crime boss.

Each of the stories is filled with blood and gore with every step! The characters are tough and multi-dimensional and there are no loose ends. Each of the stories quickly take you to the end and make you itch to find out what happens next.


Cons: The formatting on the e-book needs to be tightened up a little because one or two of the chapter titles show at the bottom of the page and then the chapter itself starts at the top of the next page.