Review for Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson & J.C. Boyd –

4 out of 5 stars for this one!

Pros: Don’t read this if you’re looking for heroes. The main characters, Drast and Tyran are villains – there’s no getting around that point – and they are men who are tough, competent, and don’t need anyone but each other to look out for them. It’s refreshing to read about characters like this – who already know what’s what.

If you have the courage, read this as from the POV of a villain. Dagmar – evil overlord looking for power and everlasting life – and his two sons Drast and Tyran that will do anything, kill anyone, and go to war to bend to their father’s will. It’s a gritty, very unique story set in a harsh world that takes off right away, in the middle of a battle that’s part of a war between the Stuhia people and the Vucari. Yet, the brothers begin to realize that, despite the love they have for their father, they want a better life and they wonder if they could ever do anything good for others for a change. But it’s too late it seems…


Cons: In some sections the story is overloaded with detail and when the brothers are in the same scene they blur together. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the two. Also, I found some places that could use a second going over for missed or wrong words.