Review for Rise of the Dragons by Morgan Rice –

3 out of 5 stars for this one!

Pros: The flow of the prose and the world building is done in an epic way in this story. It’s about Kyra fighting to not be ruled by anyone other than herself; Merk struggling to figure out whether he needs to kill or if he can stop; Alec saving his brother from the tyranny of the Lords Men that would have ultimately led to his death. The world of Escalon, tense with their King’s failure, suddenly becomes thrust into a war that they desperately needed in order to fight their way free. It’s a great story, one that I intend to continue with in book 2 because I want to know how Kyra’s inner power turns out and why she’s connected to an amazing dragon like Theos! Plus, the book ends on such a fantastic cliffhanger.

Cons: One third of the book is a separate narrator dumping information on us about the characters, their personalities, and why they do what they do. Also, the book needs a final round of polishing to get rid of the mixed up words such as ‘their’ opposed to ‘there’ and also ‘him’ instead of ‘her’. There are a few things that didn’t seem believable (even in a fantasy). For example, both the dragon and the giant seem one size when they’re first introduced and then much, much bigger the next time they’re mentioned. Also, I can’t believe that Kyra’s father would put her among the ground troops. A general/commander wouldn’t even put a boy among the ground troops if his skills lay with archery and he hadn’t been drilled in ground tactics. Lastly, the characters are set into strict archetypes – the villains are all bad men and the good people are all saints. There don’t seem to be any dimensions in between.