So many new things to learn

I’ve found out the hard way that treating Amazon’s review system like a critique tool was a bad idea. I was fully prepared to ignore the number of stars on a review and concentrate only on the content of the review itself. I assumed that if there was something unfavorable in my book, the reader would voice their thoughts…vociferously. As it turns out, many people will give you a full five stars with something they think should be fixed and they’ll give 1 star while saying all good things.

So it’s a numbers game I think. The goal is to get as many reviews as possible (no matter the rating) while keeping the reviews honest. Amazon is always on the look out for reviews that smell fishy. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating, but you have to admit that if reviews were a free for all there would be soooooo much cheating and wouldn’t mean a thing.

On the bright side, I can still ignore the number of stars.