The Life of a Self-Publisher

There’s something to say about being a self-publisher, whether it be on Amazon or some other site I have yet to delve into. It’s a real creative outlet. I’m surprised there are so many marketers out there who do all that work just for the sake of themselves rather than authors. Or…maybe I’m not so surprised. Anyway, there’s so much to keep up with and the possibility to spend hundreds before you know it. Like being an anime fan at Sakura-Con.

First we start off with the book details. The three most important, and basic parts, of your platform. The cover, the blurb, and the first paragraph of the book itself. Each has to catch the potential reader’s interest like bait on a fishing line because each leads to each other. The cover catches the reader’s eye. The blurb makes them click on the book preview. The book preview makes them want to buy it. At least, that’s the simplest view.

Then there’s your first steps toward getting word of mouth going. It helps to have a big family. However, if you’re lacking that you can spread the word, painstakingly slowly, on Facebook. Facebook is arguably the best place to start. We’re all so familiar with it after all. I’m not talking about their ads. I mean you should put yourself into that epublic and chat with people. After all, that’s how you learn social skills in the real world. In the epublic you’re learning esocial skills. The lubricant (or elube) for any marketing strategy. And as a side effect, you’re learning more about the marketing world from those who’ve been there longer.